Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Analysis of a non-terrestrial channel

I chose to analyse BBC3 as a non-terrestrial channel as it would differ greatly to the other BBC channels i analysed last week.
Everyday BBC3 starts transmitting TV programmes at 7pm, this shows how they believe no-one would watch that channel before then. This clearly portrays the target audience for BBC3 as it shows that they may not necessarily be home before 7pm. From the schedule of Monday night I can see that the target audience is most likely to be late teens to early 20s as they show shows like 'Family Guy' and 'Snog Marry Avoid?' This also shows the financial capability of BBC3 as they show re-runs of programmes that already have been shown on BBC1 such as 'Eastenders'
A Saturday schedule differs in what programmes it shows but does not change the target audience. However, it does show programmes that are more specifically targeted such as 1 hour of 'Snog Marry Avoid?' and 3 hours of 'Being Human'
The ideology of the television channel is to not make money but to present shows that are more appealing to their small target audience.

I learnt that scheduling generally changes depending on the day it is shown, as a Saturday schedule has less new and well-liked programmes as they know that their target audience may be out. The target audience influences the scheduling as something like a 'Doctor Who' repeat would not be as watched at midnight as it would be at 7pm.

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