Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lesson write up (03/03/09)

What is the future of British television? (notes taken from the programme we watched)

  • Advertising is the biggest source for funding TV

  • Internet has 25% advertising

  • Cutting the cost of adverts as people can now skip ads

  • Fremantle media (format can be repeated every day)

  • 53% of formats are owned by the UK

  • Future thats similar to the film industry

  • Bebo- uses audience profiles to suggest what they may enjoy
What are the key issues affecting British television today?

  • New technology
  • Funding
  • Fragmented audiences

What will the key factors in ensuring its success or downfall in the future?

  • Different models of funding and production
  • Format selling
  • Trans media model (Sharing production costs across countries)
  • Use of new technology

What other issues can you think that may/will affect British broadcasting?

  • Quality of America programming (more cost effective to buy programmes than to make them)
  • PSB (public service broadcasting) tradition means that there are laws regarding product placement and other elements of output
  • Declining popularity of TV as a medium

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