Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What I think of British Broadcasting today

Compared to 10 years ago i think British broadcasting has changed dramatically catering for more audiences and showing a massive variety of programmes. The amount of channels on a digital box (Sky, Virgin and Freeview) enables something for everyone and as the digital switchover occurs in 2012 many homes now have more than one digital box, therefore enabling different people in each household to choose from a variety of channels.
The channels show different genres of programmes, ranging from films to children's television and from documentaries to crime. The standard channels (1,2,3,4 and 5) all have a much broader aspect of what is shown but still portray target audiences in the programming they show. These stations have then branched off and created more channels such as E4, BBC3 and ITV2. This then creates a much more broader broadcasting schedule and a bigger target audience.

I think that British broadcasting today is very good as it appeals to many audiences and creates different programme formats used across the world.

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