Tuesday, 21 April 2009

ITC Programme Code


The ITC Programme Code sets out the editorial standards which audiences are entitled
to expect from commercial television services in the UK. It aims to ensure that
requirements covering programme content which Parliament stipulated in the 1990
and 1996 Broadcasting Acts are met, while allowing for and encouraging creativity,
development and innovation.

Section One
Family Viewing Policy, Offence to Good Taste and Decency, Portrayal of
Violence and Respect for Human Dignity
Section Two
Privacy, fairness and gathering of information
Section Three
Section Four
Party Political and Parliamentary Broadcasting
Section Five
Terrorism, Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour, etc
Section Six
Charitable Appeals and Publicity for Charities
Section Seven
Section Eight
Commercial References in Programmes

Section one of the code deals with violence and offensive language not being shown before 9pm. With the programmes becoming increasingly more acceptable the later it becomes. I think this section is useful as it does not allow young children to watch programmes which may influence bad behaviour. This also is required for films with them not showing '12' rated films before 8pm, '15' rated films before 9pm and '18' rated films before 10pm. I think this section although useful can be seen as unnecessary as it should be common sense that certain programmes should only be watched by more mature audiences.

Section two of the code deals with the right to privacy within the family domain and not filming people in a public place without their permission. It also deals with freedom of expression and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority. This concern needed to be included as it respects the public's right to privacy which programmes may take advantage of. I think this is a reasonable concern to include as respects the right of an individual.

Section three of the code deals with the equal balance of viewpoints. This is a very necessary code as some directors/producers may have very strong viewpoints which may influence the way they make a programme. This code prevents racism, sexism and other prejudice behaviours being portrayed in programmes. I do not think this is unnecessary as it is a way of protecting behaviours which may cause conflict within society.

Section four deals with how long a political broadcast can be and how frequent they can be shown. This is needed as some political broadcasts may take longer to promote their party than others and so there would not be an impartial viewpoint anymore. This code is not unnecessary because it maintains who will show election broadcasts (ITV) and this then prevents every station broadcasting it imposing their own values onto the programme.

Section five deals with discouraging anything which promotes anti social behaviour. This is needed as it is a way of protecting anything with may cause tragic events, such as promoting terrorism may glorify it. This section also deals with drugs, alcohol and tobacco, where it states that there should be special care taken when dealing with these issues. I do not think this section is unnecessary because without it programmes could be shown which may lead to anti social behaviour.

Section six deals with charity broadcasts and funds and how a station should not use broadcast appeals to fund programmes. This is necessary because it creates a non-profitable way of promoting charities therefore a concern of a channel can be shown without money being involved.

Section seven of the code deals with religion and how the channel should not be biased against certain religions nor present them in a negative way. This is a very necessary section as religious views cause a lot of conflict within society and without this section a channel could become biased towards certain religions.

Section eight deals with promotions. It states that certain things (books, DVDs, etc) can not be promoted until after a programme and how premium telephone services must follow rules. This is a useful section as it stops channels exploiting viewers for there money and sets up strict guidelines they must follow when wanting viewers money.

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